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Viatel offices, New York City WORK (continued) 1992 Duplex Apartment, 1001 5th Avenue. Charivari, Madison Avenue Store, New York City. House and Studio in Bridgehampton, Long Island, NY for David Salle. 1991 Hillside: Planning, massing and design guidelines for a new downtown residential development (1,500 units), Des Moines, Iowa. Renovation and Landscaping of the Airport Terminal, Des Moines. 1990 Des Moines Vision Plan. Master Plan for Des Moines, Iowa. Princeton University Student Center - 15,000 sq. ft. of renovation of existing buildings and 15,000 sq. ft. of new construction. 1989 Urban Ready-Mades: A Master Plan for Goose Island, Chicago Installation for the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Interior Design, Renovation and Furnishing of Apartment 74A at 146 West 57th Street, New York City Private Residence: 7000 sq. ft. House and Landscaping of 7-acre site, Sagaponack, Southampton, New York 1988 Horsefarm in Upstate New York. New construction, renovation of existing barns Restaurant at 150 Wooster Street, 2000 sq.ft. New construction in New York City. Bar at 428 Lafayette Street, 3000 sq.ft. Renovation in New York City. Summer House - 2500 sq.ft. house in Punta del Este, Uruguay War Memorial for Brown University - Invited competition (project) 1987 Restaurant at 250 Hudson Street, 5000 sq ft. Interior renovation in New York City Private Residence - Duplex Apartment 1500 sq ft. Renovation in New York City WORK (continued) Private Residence - 4,000 sq ft. Restoration of oldest farmhouse in Southampton, New York 1986 Master Plan - Porta Vittoria in Milan, Italy (project) for the 1987 Milan Triennale Private Residence - 6,000 sq ft. Renovation, additions and landscape, Main Street, Southampton, New York Private Residence, Duplex Apartment, 4,500 sq ft. Renovation in New York City 1986 Mixed-use Building complex, 350,000 sq ft of residential, retail offices and space - Main Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas West Street, 300,000 sq ft. Office building renovation, New York City Bill Robinson Showroom, 575 Fifth Avenue, New York City 1985 Summer House - Moving, renovation and landscape, East Hampton, New York Private Residence - 2,000 sq ft. Apartment renovation, New York City Master Plan - 20-acre area of Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas; Agrest and Gandelsonas, C.H. Design, Machado - Silvetti West 58th Street Apartment Building - 70,000 sq ft. Renovation, New York City Urban Capital Offices - New York City Multiplex Electrical Service - Offices New York City Varick Street - 150,000 sq ft. Office building, renovation Private Residence - 12,000 sq ft. House in Fairfax County, Vienna, Virginia (project) 1984 Newport News Cultural Arts Pavillion - Theater complex in Newport News, Virginia (competition) Private Residence - 7500 sq ft. Single-family townhouse, New York City Corporate Food Services Headquarters - New York City 1983 Project for the International Center of Communication at the Tete Defense - Paris, Competition-Project Rehabilitation International Headquaters - New York City Four Follies for exhibition at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York WORK (continued) 1981 Apartment Building - 75,000 sq ft. Renovation and new construction in New York City, joint venture with The Gruzen Partnership (project) Agrest and Gandelsonas - offices, New York City 1980 Project for the Renewal of Les Halles - Paris France Apartment Building in New York City (project) 1978-83 Building IV - 35,000 sq ft. Apartment Building, Buenos Aires, A & G with Feferbaum-Naszewsky Building III - 45,000 sq ft. Apartment Building, Buenos Aires, A & G with Feferbaum-Naszewsky Building II - 55,000 sq ft. Mixed-Use Building, Buenos Aires, A & G with Feferbaum-Naszewsky Pesking Residence - residence and offices - Buenos Aires (project) A & G with Feferbaum-Naszewsky 1977-82 Building I - 40,000 sq ft. Apartment Building, Buenos Aires, A & G with F & N 1977 Feferbaum House, 3500 sq ft. Summer residence, Punta del Este, Uruguay (project) 1976 Project for the Renewal of the 80-acre area of La Villette, France - International Competition. Second Prize with Agrest, Silvetti, Latour Proposal for the development of a 50-acre area mixed-use suburban center on the Mississippi - Minneapolis, (project) with Agrest, Machado, Silvetti Housing Proposal for the French Ministry of Housing (competition) with Agrest, Machado, Silvetti 1975 Roosevelt Island Housing Competition - New York City, (project) with Agrest, Machado, Silvetti 1970 Two Pierre Cardin Stores - Buenos Aires Blue gold, Household Appliances Manufacturing Company - Exhibition Pavillion, Buenos Aires EXHIBITIONS 1995 Urban Revisions - Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa 1994 Urban Revisions - Museum of Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles, California Urban Revisions - Centre Candien d'Architecture, Montreal Canada 1990 Visionary San Francisco, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Installation - the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco 1989 New York Architecture - German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt, West Germany Installation at the First National Bank, Chicago Five Choose Five AIA National Convention - St Louis, Missouri 1987 Le Citta Imaginate, Nove Progetti per Nove Citta - XVII Triennale di Milano 1985 Old Buildings, New Design - ICOMOS, Conseil International de Monuments et des Sites, Centre Pompidou, Paris 1984 Detail: The Special Task - A.I.R. Gallery, New York City The Reconstruction of the City - XVII Triennale di Milano Metamanhattan - The Whitney Museum of American Art, Downtown Branch Follies: Architecture for the late XXth Century Landscape - James Corocran Gallery, Los Angeles Follies: Arquitectura Para el Paisaje de Finales del Siglo XX - MOPU Arquitectura, Madrid, Spain 1983 The work of Agrest and Gandelsonas - A.A.M./COOP, Architettura Arte Moderna Idee, Prozess, Ergebnis (Idea, Process, Results)- International Bauauketelung (IBA) Berlin Follies: Architecture for the Late XXth Century Landscape - Leo Castelli Gallery, New York City The new American Architecture - Sweet Briar College, Virginia EXHIBITIONS (continued) 1981 Autonomous Architecture - The Work of Eight Contemporary Architects, Fogg Art Musuem, Harvard University Manhattan Additions - The Lobby, New York City Window, Room, Furniture - Houghton Gallery, The Cooper Union, New York City City Segments - Neuberger Museum, College at Purchase, New York The work of Agrest & Gandelsonas - Yale University, School of Architecture Architettura/Idea - XVI Triennale di Milano 1980 City Segments - Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis EXHIBITIONS (continued) City Segments - The Chicago Public Cultural Center, Fort Worth Art Museum, Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston Nina Daussett Gallery - Dessins d'Architects, Paris, France The Work of Agrest and Gandelsonas - Princeton University, School of Architecture 1979 Diana Agrest - Mario Gandelsonas - P.S. 1 New York 1978 Assenza/Pressenza: una Ipotesi per l'Architettura - Galleria Communale d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy 1977 La Villette Project - Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, New York City 1976 Work by Agrest, Gandelsonas, Machado, Silvetti, Princeton University, School of Architecture and Planning La Villette Competition - La Villette Paris, France The River, Images of the Mississippi - Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis Idea as Model - Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York City 1974 Drawing as Architecture - Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York City RECENT LECTURES 1995 Agrest and Gandelsonas: Recent Work, Tongji University, Shanghai, November Agrest and Gandelsonas: Recent Work, Tsing Hua University, Peking, November Agrest and Gandelsonas: Recent Work, The Architectural League, New York City, October Seminar on Urban Form, at the ETH, Zurich, July House on Sag Pond, at the ETH, Zurich, July Seminar on Urbanism, Maestria de Urbanismo, June 1994 Eyes which do not see, School of Architecture, Harvard University, February The Work of Agrest and Gandelsonas, Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, March Urban Futures, Barcelona, Spain, May The Order of the American City, Temple University, July RECENT CONFERENCES 1997 The Culture of Megacities, University of Hong Kong 1995 The Des Moines Vision Plan, The Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa, Panel Discussion Urban Mutations, Urban Futures Conference, Barcelona, June 1994 "The Asia Architectural Association Meeting", Shanghai, P.R.C. The Politics of Architecture, Assemblage Magazine, Tulane University Executive Committee Meeting for the UIA 96 International Conference, Barcelona

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